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Ocean -Inspired Wares

Immerse your wardrobe and home in the sea with a variety of ocean-inspired and hand-crafted pieces. 


Book your underwater, editorial, family portrait, fashion, or wedding photography session today.

Inspiration is Everywhere

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Riana Espino Designs offers a wide array of gorgeous art, eco-friendly bags, canvases and prints, resin art pieces, and hand-crafted homewares like pareohs, coasters, bowls, and even ornaments, with new designs coming in every month.

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Stylish Bags and Clothing

Who says gorgeous pieces can't be super functional too? Riana's designer tote bags are made of 100% ocean-safe material with prints she's taken around the world. Plus, they come with a customizable strap that you can use or remove, the choice is yours.

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Resin Art Inspired by the Sea

Purchase a one-of-a-kind resin piece for your home. Each one is hand-crafted and inspired by Riana's travels to the world's oceans and coastlines.

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Canvases and Prints available

Whether you're looking for a small print to add color to a space, or a large canvas to make a bold statement in a room, each of Riana's prints comes to life in large and small formats. The ocean is her playground, and the sky and sea are the limit when it comes to creative expression. Each photo will take you somewhere new: a remote beach, a peaceful coral reef, or relaxing beneath swaying palm trees. Whatever your destination, there's a piece that's perfect for making your vision for your space come to life.

Homewares, Coasters, Backsplashes, Bowls...the possibilities are endless