Eco-Friendly Fashion

Riana loves canvas bags for carrying items, and found them to be helpful as make-up, travel, and art supply pouches, but there was always something missing. So, she set out to combine art and practicality, designing her own 100% cotton pouches that come with an optional strap that clips to the bag.

Unlike other products, hers are completely non-synthetic, eco-friendly, and made with high quality metal components so they won’t rust or bleed into the material, which is especially common with the salt air in her island home.

Plus, in these days of fast fashion, everything gets thrown away because it is made cheaply, Riana believes in products that will last a lifetime of adventures, exploring, and the messiness of life. Being a long-time dog owner, she has first-hand knowledge of just how quickly things can get messy. So, she made something that could withstand it all while still looking stylish and gorgeous. Browse her collection below to find your next perfect look.